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Product details

Description of  Aluminium Mirror :

Globalstar Aluminium Mirror is produced in the vacuum magnetron sputtering system. Melt aluminIum is splashed on high quality float glass in the vacuum chamber, then coated with two layers of lead-free waterproof paints. It adopts the latest horizontal production line instead of the old vacuum chamber. The reflectivity is equal from the mirror middle to the mirror edge. Magnetron sputtering aluminium mirror is with good cutting and beveling effect than the old production way. The edge paint seldom cracks when deep processing.  

Features : 
- Made of first grade clear float glass or tinted float glass. 
- Single or double coated paints. 
- Exact image, high reflectivity, high reflection ratio.

Size:500x700mm,600x900mm,1524x2134mm,1830*1220mm,1600*2000mm,,1830*2440mm,3300*2134mm,3300x2250mm,2440*3660mm,or as requested.
Thickness:  1.5mm,1.8mm,2mm,2.7mm, 3mm , 3.5mm, 4mm,5mm ,6mm etc.
Color:  Clear, blue, bronze , green , grey , red , black ,  pink , gold , purple , etc.  
Back paints color:grey or green.
Types:aluminium sheet mirror and aluminium float mirror.

House and office building ,household and furniture decoration, etc.