Double glazing glass


Heat insulation,

Sound Insulation,


Against harmful solar rays.


Double glazing glass also called insulating Glass,It has excellent performance on reduction of heat gain or loss.It is made of two or more piece of glass with the middle parts separated by the hollow aluminum spacer which is filled with the drier.The hollow glass part is filled with dry air or inert gas and sealed by butyl glue or structural sealant.

Double glazing glass can be filled with the insert glass is excellent in heat and sound insulation,meeting the requirement for saving energy and environmental protection.

Product NameInsulated Glass Building Glass Safety IGU Glass
Type of GlassClear and colorful glass, Reflective glass,Tempered glass, laminated glass High transmittance Low-E, Double silver Low-E, Single silver Low-E, etc.
Thickness5+9+5; 6+12+6; 6+16+6...Customized 
Minimum Size300mm×300mm
Maximum Size3000mmx6000mm
ColorClear, White, Bronze, Grey, Green, Blue,Frosted ec
Aluminum Strip Width6mm/9mm/12mm/15mm etc
Insulating GasAir,Vaccm,Argon or other Inert Gas.
ApplicationArchitecture(Glass curtain walls, Glass doors, Glass Windows) , train window , refrigerator ,etc.

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