LED mirror


500mm*700mm,600*800mm,600*900mm,600*1000mm,700*1000mm,700*1100mm,800*1000mm,800*1200mm,800*1300mm,800*1400mm,800*1500mm, 800*1600mm,800*1800mm,1000*1800mm,1000*2000mm,round diameter 600mm,700mm,800mm, or as customized . 



Description of Anti fog Mirror with LED:

Globalstar anti fog mirror is made of high quality lead free silver mirror, with Aluminium frame, anti fog film back, touch switch. 

Specification : 

- anti fog Film, Explosion-proof

- mirror: lead free silver mirror

- edges: grinding edges

- Thickness: 4mm, 5mm mirror

- LED STRIPS:  High output 5050 SMD LEDs, 3 chips, 60 LEDs/meter, 20-24lm/pc, CRI>80, ideal for makeup application. Energy saving and long life of 50000 hours.

Copper-free or Lead-free Mirror  Description:

Globalstar Copper-free or Lead-free Mirror is made with a super sensitized palladium chloride instead of traditional copper layer , silver grain clusters is more fine, with double passivation , spraying double imported lead-free environment friendly corrosion resistant waterproof paint , dried by far infrared . 



- Copper-free or lead-free mirror can be used to enlarge the vision of space or depth and add light to small dark rooms.

- Copper-free or lead-free mirror of superior quality is 3 times more resistant to corrosion, particularly in humid applications.

- Copper-free or lead-free mirror is manufactured with latest advanced environment friendly technology, corrosion-resistant .

- The paint brand is Valspar , made by Germany, better than Fenzi coated on silver mirror.

- Image more vivid and clear , more fine and smooth.


Globasltar glass mirror include: Anti fog mirror, Led mirror, laminated mirror, silver mirror, silver mirror with film, aluminum mirror, ultra clear mirror, tempered mirrors, painted mirror, float mirror, sheet mirror, safety mirror, Processing mirror, Antique mirror



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