Digital Printing Glass



Colored glaze glass is inorganic glaze (also known as ink), printing to the glass surface, and then by drying, steel or hot processing, the glaze permanent sintering in the glass surface and get a kind of wear-resisting, resistance to acid and alkali of decorative glass products.This product has a high functional and decorative.It has many different colors and patterns, such as strip, mesh and the electric design and so on.Also can according to customers' different needs further design pattern.



1. The colour, design diversity (generally can be customized according to customer requirements), wide choice.It can serve as a foil to the other in combination of curtain wall glass or color matching.

2. The colored glaze glass can be installed on the supporting structure.

3. Have no absorption, no infiltration features and easy to clean.

4. The colored glaze for inorganic pigment, with glass material, do not fade, no peeling, therefore the existing tonal and consistent with the life of the building.

5. Glaze part can absorb and reflect the sun's heat, the effect of energy saving.

6. Can be coated, sandwich, synthetic hollow composite processing, special performance for other USES.

7. The steel processing, the final product has good mechanical properties, blow resistance and thermal shock resistance, higher safety performance



Alternative printing methods, such as screen ink, do not imprint the ink into the glass, meaning that it could more easily fade or wash off, since the ink is only on the surface. The color accuracy of the screen ink method is far more limited, and is incapable of producing the hues and effects professionals demand.


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