Glass table top

Glass thickness: 3-19mm(1/8"-3/4")



Square, Round, Triangle, Arch, Octagon, Custom


Tempered Glass

1.Tempered glass is produced by heating annealed glass in a furnace to 620 degree centigrade.  Progressing from the furnace, the glass is rapidly cooled with jets of cold air, inducing compressive stresses to the surface while the center remains tensile. 
2.It is 5 times stronger than annealed glass of the same thickness. 
3. Stronger resistance to thermal breakage than annealed or heat strengthened glass 
4. If breakage occurs the glass breaks up into small, cubical fragments, which are not threatening to humans. 



-Suitable for use as a safety glass as defined by customer product safety association 16CFR1201,ANSI Z 97.1 1984 and BS 6262.

-Conforms to CCC,AS/NZS2208-1996(Licence No: SMK40377 ),EN12150-1,and ASTM C1048,All work done on glass.

Special processing: cutting, holes notching or edge working will-be made before heat treated.


Custom Glass Table Top

Custom glass table tops can be placed on any traditional, vintage or modern table base, so long as it will provide support yet style to your table. Transparent glass top on is an awesome way for creating the illusion of space in the room. Their temper glass consider 3 times stronger than normal glass, in thickness.

Glass Table Top Specifications


Clear (Standard), Low Iron, Frosted, Low E, Tint, Acid Etch,Pattern glass


Square, Round, Triangle, Arch, Octagon, Custom

Glass Thickness

1/8", 5/32", 3/16", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4"


Annealed ,Tempered (Standard)

Glass Edge Work

Pencil Polished, Beveled, Flat Polishe


Clear, ultra clear, Bronze, Grey, Green, Blue

Difference Between A Glass Table Top And A Glass Table Cover?

The difference between a glass table top and a glass table cover: A glass table top means that your table's top is actually constructed out of glass. A glass table top cover, on the other hand, is made of glass and rests on top of the actual table. It preserves the look and value of your wooden or metal table.


Recommendations From Our Top Expert

Glass table tops are suitable for protecting both indoor and outdoor furniture. If you have limited experience working with glass table tops, our resident expert can help you during the selection process.

1/8" (3mm) Thin, Light weight Table Covers and Table Tops for Indoor Usage.

5/32" (4mm) Good for Table and Furniture Cover in Kitchen and Living Room Table Tops.

3/16" (5mm) Great for patio tables, side tables, inserts, and glass protective table covers.

1/4" (6mm) Used for glass tabletops and glass protective table covers.

3/8" (10mm) Used for heavy, unsupported tabletops where glass is the only table top.

1/2" (12mm) Ideal for heavy, unsupported tabletops glass is the only table top.

3/4" (19mm) Ideal for Strong, unsupported tabletops glass is the only table top.

Glass Finishing

You may be uncertain about whether to order a table top cover made from ordinary glass or tempered glass. Keep in mind that accidents can happen at any time. Regular glass is made with an annealing process. The glass cools down quickly for ease in manufacturing. it will fall into large, sharp pieces when it breaks. Tempered glass is stronger and breaks into small, less sharp pieces. Tempered glass is more impact and scratch resistant.


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